Slide into Summer with a slingshot!

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Updates

Have you ever wanted to experience the Gulf Coast like a local? Renting a Polaris slingshot is not only an experience, but will be a ride to remember!  Slingshots are an exotic hybrid cross between a motorcycle and convertible. A sleek body style that comes in different vibrant colors. A three wheeled true show stopper! This riding adventure will make you feel like a celebrity cruising the streets, with the wind in your hair. Driving in the slingshot gives you the ability to see it all with no limitations!

Let’s talk interior. Hopping in the slingshot feels nothing less than a modern day vehicle. We offer automatic and manual slingshots dependent upon your liking. Equipped with, a backup camera, cruise control, Bluetooth, USB compatibility and speakers that will enhance your ride to your preference. We provide helmets for your safety but they are not required. Located behind the passenger seat for your protection. Worried if it rains? These slingshots are all marine grade. These bad boys are made quality enough to withstand any rain with a quick-dry capability. We also pack the slingshot with 2 ponchos. Rain or shine, you can take our slingshots from Alabama, Florida and Mississippi. We set you up for successful ride!

Are you ready to chase the summer sunset in one of our slingshots?

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